Ancient 18000 year old frozen puppy found in Siberia

18000 year olf wolf dog

18000 year old frozen specimen of dog

Siberia has always been a house to mysteries and strange findings. This time it is 18 millennium’s old puppy. A strange and accidental discovery was made within a chunk of frozen ice and soil, which is believed to be a 18,000 years old prehistoric dog.

It was found in the city of Yakutsk, a Russian port city on the Lena River, in east Siberia. The puppy is amazingly preserved and still has its fur and even whiskers intact. It has all of its limbs, teeth, eye lashes and other distinct features still available. The city of Yakutsk has been house for many more similar findings including mammoths, foals, canines and other prehistoric animals.

The puppy sample was carbon dated and confirmed to be 18,000 years old. Also a team of scientists from Stockholm have started further investigation from its bone sample. Even more strange finding is that it has characteristics of dog and wolf both, based on its genome sequencing. Further investigation is being carried on to confirm its family tree.

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