Our world is burning to ashes – watch this heartbreaking video!

In the year 2019, we saw some really devastating forest fires and it is evident that this would be causing global issues in coming years. An amazing visualisation created by the team at the Copernicus programme in Europe shows us how these wildfires have been taking alarming shapes and sizes around the world. This may […]

Ancient 18000 year old frozen puppy found in Siberia

Siberia has always been a house to mysteries and strange findings. This time it is 18 millennium’s old puppy. A strange and accidental discovery was made within a chunk of frozen ice and soil, which is believed to be a 18,000 years old prehistoric dog. It was found in the city of Yakutsk, a Russian […]

Best Gaming machines for 2020 and later

We tested a handful of gaming laptops and it was surprisingly pleasing. It brought our inner kids back alive. Many of us relived our Sega childhood. Anyways, back on the real topic of Best Gaming Laptop we tested by running the following games and apps on the machines: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Battlefield V […]

Graphic trends to follow in 2020

With 2020 right around the corner, we are ready to see the dawn of a new decade, and we the designers are ready to embrace a new year of trends and a landmark. Graphic design has come a long way from home, it is more bold, more poised, more expressive, and yet it is subtle […]